1. Emergency Management Program Assessments
  2. Mitigation Program Development
    - Hazard and Vulnerability Assessment
    - Impact Analysis
    - Local Mitigation Strategy
  3. Preparedness Program Development
    - Testing of Plans
    - Specialized Training
    - Disaster Exercises
  4. Emergency Response Program Development
    - Emergency Response Planning
  5. Recovery Program Development
    - Recovery of Operations Planning
  6. Business Continuity Planning
  7. Continuity of Operations Planning COOP
  8. Active Disaster Support

Below we highlight a few areas where we offer services. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Emergency Management Program Assessments
Our customised assessment provides a fact-based snapshot of your current situation and uncovers strengths and vulnerabilities including immediate problems, training needs and support gaps. The service encompasses a detailed on-site assessments and a comprehensive report outlining the recommended improvements. If necessary, a comprehensive Emergency Management Plan can then be developed based on the assessment.

Executives who apply this advanced tool – based on the best disaster science available today – will help improve public safety and security long before any program will be put to the test by nature. The assessment will also help ensure that funds are being used prudently for the greatest good by reducing duplication and redundancy, and by helping re-direct funds to where they are needed the most.
As the basis of our assessments, we use a solid combination of international and Canadian best-practice standards to ensure that the improvements we recommend will not just move your organization to the minimum acceptable level, but elevate it to the current best-practice level.

Business Continuity Planning
We partner with you to ensure that you can remain in business and recover quickly when the unexpected happens. Anything from the loss of water or power to a flood or snow storm can interrupt operations. A fire, chemical emergency or earthquake can have disastrous impact.

We will help your company identify the critical functions associated with your specific industry, products or services, and in a methodical way identify areas in need of strengthening. We will recommend practical actions and the most effective remedies, and assist you in correcting any vulnerabilities.

The expertise of our internationally certified planners, our practical approach, and our customized tools based on the best professional practices in the industry will all ensure that for your business, the process is not just a theoretical exercise but a practical tool to help you stay in business.

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
Unlike businesses, government operations do not go out of business when hit by disaster, but the delivery of the critical services they provide may be interrupted. Continuity of operations planning allows these organizations to remain functional at times of crises.

Where the bottom line is not the most important criteria for program development, COOP programs help identify the most critical areas to strengthen while maintaining high service levels.

Using the industry’s best-practice standards, and the latest methodology and science as our starting point, our COOP service for government agencies includes the identification of critical areas and functions, assessment of current environment of operations, recommendations and re-development of a program to help ensure that critical government services are available to the public during crises.

Recovery of Operations Planning
For business, government and community organizations, preparation for unexpected disasters involves a recovery of operations program. It must be developed based on the organization’s specific needs with all the tools ready in advance so that the recovery process can start immediately following a disaster.

Equally critical is the regular assessment of existing recovery of operations plans to ensure that changes that will affect recovery – including transportation systems, technology, communication, staff levels, production methods, buildings – are taken into account and the recovery program adjusted accordingly.

Our experts will be able to help your organization assess your needs and develop a plan based on the latest industry best-practice standards, methodology and science. We can assist not only with recovery plans but also advise you on grants and financial options, and offer organizational support to make your plan the best it can be.

Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)
Our goal is to help strengthen communities by utilizing sound, science-based emergency management principles, so that hazard impacts are part of the day-to-day decision-making process of a community, and not something that is an afterthought.

The core of mitigation is peace of mind for decision makers – the knowledge that they have completed all available due diligence to help the community avoid an impact from a disaster or known hazard.

Our local mitigation strategy advice helps ensure you consider all the vulnerabilities, and in advance determine the acceptable level of impact from known hazards. Our data-driven process considers all solutions so that the short and long-term plans can be created. It also helps prioritize the best use of public resources, reduces disaster losses and the costs of recovery or rebuilding.
When appropriate, we partner with the best in the business to ensure that the safety of your community receives the best support possible utilizing the highest possible level of expertise,

Active Disaster support (ADS) -- Overhead Team Activation
In the middle of a disaster many things need to happen at once. We can provide support to any disaster operation at any level. When you are in serious need of qualified. Experienced expertise to help you deal with an event, or capture data for analysis and reporting of an after action analysis, we are experienced in documenting this kind of information for an independent, objective analysis.

We have the front-line experience in emergencies and various environmental hazards coupled with the latest methods and tools in the business. Our team has participated in a number of international operations at the planning level and command group.